• SHLOK IT SOLUTION has focused on application hosting. Our emphasis comes from our roots as a consulting and software development firm. We started offering and supporting mission critical applications on Day 1 of our hosting operation and have evolved to achieve the high level of application hosting services that we offer today.

Application Support Policy for Core Application Hosting Services

  • Using the included Control Panels, and other means, customers can install hundreds of applications. We don't try to be an expert on all of the applications our customers can install, but we provide expertise on some of the most popular applications used for web sites. These "core" hosted applications have User Guides for deployment and configuration and receive responsive 24/7 support at no extra cost. Applications are bundled with OS templates for convenience, or can be installed using the Control Panel.

The Benefits of Application Hosting

    • Worldwide Access : - Hosted applications are accessed through the Internet instead of through internal servers. This means that you and your employees can access all of your applications anywhere in the world.

    • Cost Benefits : - Since you won't have to pay to purchase, maintain and service your own servers to host your applications, you can save a considerable amount of money through application hosting.

    • Support Services : - With 24/7 customer support networks, you will always have someone to call if your company has any issues with its hosted applications. Your hosting company will also provide round-the-clock security services to ensure the safety of proprietary information, so you never have to worry about data leaks, cyber-attacks or hacking.

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